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There are three determining element of an unforgettable wedding: the guests, the premise and the band. No one will remember the costs and the appetizer after ten years, but the unforgettable mood becomes a life time experience, to which it will be good to remember when You will be old. We can help You in this!

The receipt of Cocktail 4U band’s success is: take 6 experienced musicians, add to it the greatest Hungarian and international hits and spice it with a bit of fantastic mood.

Our band gives You more than a tipical wedding band with the help of the rich sound by the more instruments, the technical background and the high standard musicality, and provide great concert experience at any kind of premise. During the dinner we contribute to the exclusive mood with band set-up accompanied with double bass playing intimate instrumental and romantic vocal songs.


Master of Ceremony

The Master of Ceremony, or the solution to avoid classic wedding faults. Nowadays the Master of Ceremony can help with his experience also the organizing of the wedding, and at the premise with the knowledge of the wedding schedule he organize from the background, coordinate, announce the following program and solve all the problem in order to unburden all the weight of the Young Couple.

On a wedding lots of problem can occur from the onsite coordination, to get together the kitchen, the waiters, the band – the music, the guests and to keep the schedule of the wedding are all the tasks of the Master of Ceremony in a way not to “steal the show” from the Young Couple, as they are the VIP at the weeding.

The male lead singer of Cocktail 4U band Kiss Levente take this post after performing more than 100 successful weddings and with more than 10 years of experience of officiate as host at company parties. As the front vocalist of the band he has an outstanding routine to realize this important task on a professional way.


Kinder cocktail

Concert feeling to children


Why not? Children also like dancing and party – leastwise we experienced this during our concerts.

We set up such a program which is totally different than the nowadays well-run classic bands for children.

Besides the classical film hits we play the latest cartoon and tale movie hits providing great party feeling from the younger age to almost grown up children.

Happy musicians + favourite hits + children audience = great children party with concert feeling, on which also the grown-ups take part with pleasure.


Other services

Amplification of on-site ceremonies and of special guests

Lightning of the dance floor

DJ service

Live music at on site ceremony

Children concert before the dinner

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have gathered those most important questions and answers, which can help You to make the best decision.

Is a music block consist of 45 minutes music and 15 minutes break, as usually at other party bands?2016-12-28T10:51:17+01:00

We do not stop the party if there is a great mood at the dancefloor, so in this way a music block can be even 1,5 hour. The breaks we try to time to the wedding schedule (during wedding cake, games, midnight meal, etc.).

From what time up to when does the band play? How flexible is the start and the end of the party?2016-12-28T10:50:11+01:00

The main party time is from 19 p.m. to 02 a.m. The start time of 19 p.m. is flexible, which we can gear to the arrival of the guests. During the dinner there is a quiet lounge music which is up to the start of the soup. During the dinner the live music can disturb the guests, so after this up to end of the dinner the background music is provided from CD. The end at 02 a.m. is fix, but as an option prolongation can be asked from the band or from the DJ of the band (the prices and conditions are in our offer).

Do You have a fixed program? How many folk songs are You playing?2016-12-28T10:49:02+01:00

We have a repertoire with about 200 songs, and we edit our program on-site gear to the mood of the audience every time, in order to reach the best party mood. At all the cases we take into account that on a wedding the guests are from different age, from the children to the old, and we make dance all of them. Important information that we play folk and gipsy music only at the end of a music block, and during the brides’ dance, so if You would like to hear more folk and gipsy music, maybe not our band is the best choice for You.

You only perform with 6 musicians or it is possible to ask 3-4 member or formation with less members?2016-12-28T10:47:47+01:00

As we play live music, with less members we could not provide this level and sound. Imagine what would happen if we take out from the music the drums and the guitarist…

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We cared for the mood at several events

years of experience
satisfied guests


It was told about us


We would like to thank You your work and contribution that our wedding succeeded as so super as we dreamed about before! 🙂

Larus Timi & Berci, wedding

“I work with Cocktail 4U Band with pleasure and often, they are in the TOP3 regarding the bands for years in my opinion.”

Landesz Kati, wedding organizer, Creative Weddings

From our guests we have got the feedback, that they felt how professionals were You and how good You were playing the music, which we agree maximally.

Forsters Ami & Sanya, wedding

Hereby I would like to thank You that nice, humorous and professional mood, which You have created with your band last Saturday at the wedding of my son, Ádám.

Eszti és Ádám, wedding

We would like to thank You the Friday evening once again!
It was a very good party, both we and our guests had fun.

Lilla és Gergő, wedding

I offer the band to everyone who don’t want to make a blunder!
They can provide the widest range of music styles. Their repertoire contains everything from “Aranyeső” (gipsy song) to Billie Jean.

Csákiné Rita, marketing leader, MARSO

… the Cocktail 4U band is one of the best well prepared group, to whom You can count every time and it is 100% that they can provide great mood on our street balls. I just can offer to everyone this great band.

László Ditta, director, Nagykőrös Arany János Cultural Center

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