In 1997 he proved his talent in a national singing talent scout TV show in Hungary. Later the actual manager of the Bonanza Banzai discovered him in a karaoke bar, and offered a record contract for performing in a four-member boy band. So his first album was published in 2000 with the name 4U, where quality self-composed soul and R’n’B album was issued at the Tom-Tom publishing company, known as the team of the greatest Hungarian bands and musicians.

Later the management of Nox band win over the band to the Universal publishing company, where the 2nd album was issued by the GEG band, which already had only 3 members. After the breakup of the band he joined the Cocktail band – and although Levente is here for the shortest time – he feels very well himself, as he thinks that there is no better feeling than the magic of the continuous quality live concerts, and this can be found at Cocktail.



Rita started her walk of life with singing musicals, thanks to which she transforms more colorful and bright the different music styles in the Cocktail Band. She has very pleasant, clean and well-trained voice, and find her place in all the music styles, furthermore in addition to her fine voice she fascinates the audience with her kindness. She is the “teacher” of the Band, as she teaches also singing and reading notes. As a girl alone in the band she can work very well together with the boys, she is who keeps order and discipline in the group.



He is the elder brother of Tomi, he plays the keyboards, guitar and he is the leader of the band. Excellent pianists helped him in the progress. His talent could already be seen when he was five, he sat at his father’s piano and fascinated his family. Besides the synthesizer he also sings vocals, coloring and helping the vocal sound of the band.



Tomi is who plays the most instruments in the band. His main instrument is the bass guitar, besides it saxophone, clarinet, recorder and in the latest times also the double bass can be found in his instrument repertoire. He is a real eclectic, maximalist musician who obsequious towards the music, he train himself permanently to give the maximum and addition he is a real party face.



Levi in his childhood started with trumpet, but he interested more and more in the percussive instruments, and trained himself at the drums, the result of which became that he has a determinating roll in the life of the band, he is the motor of the group.



Zsolt plucks the strings from his childhood, he is an excellent rock guitarist, who is also familiar with latin and jazz music. He is very creative and has a very professional hearing, in spite of that he is the junior of the band he has a lot of routine and wise musical thinking.